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Basic Structure of a Radial Tyre

The construction of a radial tyre
Basic Structure of Radial Tyre
Sr. No Element Functions
1 Tread Tread is the part which comes into contact with road surface. It protects the carcass & provide high grip, longer life, maneuverability and durability.
2 Steel Belts This provides stiffness to the tread & protect the carcass.
3 Spiral Layer This provides high durability & maneuverability.
4 Shoulder Shoulder is the thickest part of the tyre. It protects carcass from external shocks & damages.
5 Sidewall Sidewall is the most flexible part of the tyre. It protects carcass & provides comfortable ride.
6 Plycord Plycord is the main body of a tyre. It sustains the inflation pressure and endures load and road shocks.
7 Bead Filler This provides high durability & maneuverability.
8 Bead Wires It holds the tyre on rim.
9 Chafer Chafer protects plycord at the bead area from the heat generation developed due to the abrasion of bead and rim flange.
Note : Construction may vary with size and pattern.

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