Tubeless Tyres

Tools and Material used

Used for displacing the steel cords for easy applications of repair compound, without enlarging the hole or removing any rubber from the tyre.

Repairing Tool (Allen Wrench)
Used for placing the repair compound in place perfectly.

Repair compound
Used for filling the puncture. It forms bond with the tyre compound after application.

Adhesive used for applying the filler material.

Used for trimming the extra compound above puncture surface outside the tyre.

In this method it is not necessary to de-mount the tyre from rim, thus there is no need to do the balancing again and also there is no chance of bead damage.

Stiff ridges are formed on the inner liner of the tyre due to hardening of the repair compound which prohibits further use of tubes with the tyre. (If tube has to be used, then proper grinding of tyre inner surface has to be done, to remove the hardened repairing compound).

Photographs displaying repairing by filler method
In order to have easier insertion of repairing compound, steel cords are being displaced by rotating a steel probe inside the puncture area, without removing any rubber or enlarging the actual puncture.
Adhesive is being applied to the puncture to obtain better adhesion between repair compound and tyre rubber compound.

Now the tyre is inflated.
Repairing compound is inserted into the tool by equally placing it on both side of the needle. A small amount of lube is applied on the tip of the insertion needle.
By applying firm pressure, the tool is inserted with the repair compound into the tyre until the sleeve of the tool touches the tyre. Gripping the edge of the sleeve and holding it against the repaired area, the tool is removed by pulling away while holding the sleeve secure against the tyre. The sleeve of the tool allows the repair compound to release from the needle leaving the compound in place.
Excess compound is being trimmed with the help of a blade.
Tyre is inflated up to car manufactures' recommended inflation pressure and inserted in water to detect further air leakage.



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