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Safety, Reliability & Eco-friendly

Your Eyes To The Tyre Store Of The Future…
Welcome to the first of its kind Bridgestone Select Super Tyre Store in India whose core idea is to offer its customers a Unique Tyre Buying Experience. From the Store Infrastructure to the Sales Processes, from Tyre Services to Disposal Of Wastes everything is deliberately intended around these concepts to Help You and to make this planet A Better Place To Live…

New Concept Shop

With the objective to making this planet Greener,Cleaner & Cooler,we as a organization are on a Super Eco-drive.
To do our every bit to better life & this planet.

Every element in this store is distinctively planned
to make this store Optimally Safe.
safety of Life & property is our prime concern.

To ensure you make the right choice of tyres we provide you
Relevant & Reliable Information.
With consistent service every time for you

ECOPIA:Our Eco-friendly Tyre Product
LEAD FREE WEIGHTS:We use of non - toxic weights for Tyre Balancing
RECYCLED PAPER:All paper requirement in this store are addressed by only recycled paper
CFL LIGHTS / 5 STAR AC:Saving energy & the environment
ECO FRIENDLY PAINTS:Non-toxic with zero VOC (Volatile Organic Content), no odor.
NON TOXIC TOYS:Lead free plastics for toys
APPROPRIATE DISPOSAL:Proper disposal of used oils, batteries & tyres in the most ecological manner
TREE PLANTATIONS:Planting as many trees as possible


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