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Best Tyre Services
in Porvorim, Goa

SINI Tyre Care are committed to maintaining the functionality of your car and ensure your safety while on the road. Our services include:

  • Tyre Nitrogen Filling
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Tyre Fitment
  • Tyre Rotation
  • Tyre Repair & Installation

Why You Should Buy Bridgestone Tyres?

  • Superior Safety Considerations & Fuel Efficiency
  • High Durability & Greater Longevity
  • Designed for Quieter, Safer & Smoother Journey
  • Well-Balanced All-Round Performance
  • Best in Class Driving & Handling Comfort
  • Excellent Wet-Braking Performance

Xpress Unconditional Warranty

Available only on B series & S series.


*Warranties offered by other dealers are only on upto 50% tread wear.

How to Select the Right Tyres?

Consider these following factors when selecting a set of tyres for your car:

When you have to choose between tubeless and tube-type tyres, go for tubeless. They are advanced and safer than tube-type tyres.

The size of the tyre is usually mentioned on the sidewall of a tyre. It is made up of a series of numbers and letters. For example, 205/55 R 16 91V. Let’s break this size as follows:

  • 205 - Tread width of the tyre in millimeters
  • 55 - Height of the sidewall as the percentage of the tread width. Also known as aspect ratio
  • R - Radial construction of the tyre
  • 16 - Diameter of the tyre’s inner rim in inches
  • 91 - Load index of the tyre
  • V - Speed rating of the tyre

The size of a tyre are categorized into three parts; tread width, size of the rim, and sidewall height..

  • i) Tread Width
    Tread width is responsible for the comfort and the car’s performance on the road. Tread width usually depends on you what and how you drive. For example, if your car has a powerful engine, if you maintain high speed while cornering or if you prefer a stylish look, a wider tread is recommended. But, if fuel mileage matters to you, if you often drive in city traffic or if you want the steering light, a wider tread is not recommended.
  • ii) Rim Size
    Ensure that the size of the tyre is the same as that of the rim on which it has to be installed. If the rim is larger than the tyre, it will decrease the height of the sidewall, thus negatively affecting the ride and handling the quality of your vehicle.
  • iii) Sidewall Height
    While choosing the sidewall profile, your objective should be to keep the overall diameter of the new tyres as close to the original tyres as possible.
The tread pattern of a tyre is responsible for the performance of your car in different weather conditions. There are three types of tread patterns:

  • i) Conventional Tread
    This commonly used tread pattern can be mounted on the rim on either side and it runs in both directions. The tread pattern tyres are the best when you have to channel away water while driving through a waterlogged area.
  • ii) Uni-directional Tread
    The uni-directional tread pattern tyres perform well in wet and snowy conditions. They are most effective when they are rotated in a single direction. The sidewall of the tyre has an arrow mark that indicates the direction it is meant to be rotated.
  • iii) Asymmetric Tread
    The tyres with asymmetric tread patterns have two sidewalls: facing outwards and facing inwards. The sidewalls of the tyres have markings that indicate which side they are meant for – road facing or car facing. This tread pattern is best in handling corners at high speed.
The rubber material determines the traction and treadwear characteristics of the tyre. A tyre made of high-quality material delivers high traction and speed rating. It also ensures that you have a better grip on your car.

Keep these few things in mind while buying a new set of tyres:

  • Buy tyres from reputed tyre manufacturers.
  • Do not buy tyres that do not have a warranty period.
  • Always check the date of manufacturing before buying tyres. The date is mentioned on the sidewall of the tyre. Avoid buying tyres that are older than 6 months.

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